As we approach another Christmas, and hastily rush to get everything done and settled, one gift stand alone under the tree. It is not a seemingly expensive gift, nor is it wrapped in a beautiful bow, nor is it even adorned with a card. Just writing on the box, “All are welcome to open”.

It looks as though it’s been there for a long time there’s dust laying on the ground all around the package, yet the package is still in good condition, and clean. There just doesn’t seem to be much interest in it.

What’s inside? A gift from our Lord given to us over two thousand years ago, the greatest gift anyone could ever give and the key to all of our blessings and the removal of every curse. 

The forgiveness of all of our sins!

Without the removal of sin there can be no connection to the Vine because a sacrifice had to be made, and a perfect sacrifice was made when Jesus died in our place. He paid the ultimate price of His own free will and saved us all, and now His gift sits there waiting for everyone who is willing to open it freely.

When Christ stretched out His hands on the cross He gave a gift more precious than anything that can be bought in a store, boutique, or mall. He bought redemption and remission of every sin we could ever commit. He bought peace, and joy and love and salvation for the entire world. And the world is looking for these things, in abundance.

The answer is to connect with Jesus! Abide in His Vine connect with God and be filled with Him!

Yet instead we often see people today trying to remove all traces of the gift from under the tree, or to cover it as if it were something unpleasant to behold.

I encourage you today, open the Unopened Gift. Invite Jesus into your life, connect with Him, abide in Him, and receive the best Christmas gift you can possibly receive.

And if you have already done so, stay connected, always.

To all, have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

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