Let No-one Despise You

There is a very encouraging trend among believers today, that there are some strong youths being raised up for Christ in these last days. Young men and women who are truly passionate about the LORD and willing to truly place Jesus first in their lives. This is an amazing thing that God is doing among these young people.

Along with this encouraging thing however, is an equally disturbing trend among the more experienced generation of believers, many of whom are actually disregarding, dismissing and rejecting these young men and women. Today we are going to be looking at what the Bible says about this apparent divide, and how God encourages both the young and old together in Christ.

Victory Through Your Identity in Christ

An expression that is often heard in today’s culture is “play to win”. It conveys a meaning of settling for nothing less than total victory in a contest or battle. As believers, we have the ability to achieve total victory against the enemy; this ability is found in Christ Jesus. Yet many believers do not actually play to win, but often concede defeat quite frequently. The reason for this is because generally, believers are not taught about the wonderful power for defeating the enemy that Jesus has given to us.

So today we will be studying how we are able to defeat the enemy – through Christ Jesus – which is something you may have never heard before. However this truth wen received will give you great victory in Christ that will empower you over the enemy in every area, as Jesus Christ intends for you to be.

Jesus Heals the Brokenhearted

The Bible has a lot to say about a broken heart. Not only does it cause physical problems, but it is a deep trap that can destroy a spirit for eternity if not recognized and corrected. In truth, the remedy for a broken heart is not complicated at all, and the pain does not need to last. The problem comes though because so many people look to the wrong solutions to fix their broken heart – solutions which are not really solutions at all, but only mask the root cause while secretly digging a deeper ditch for the victim to fall into.

Today we will be studying the real solution to a broken heart, Jesus. We will see how He truly is the healing that each one of us needs.

Your Perception of Jesus Affects Your Receiving

One of the most common questions that believers have today is “how do I receive from Jesus?” It’s an honest question and one that deserves an honest answer. In a previous study, we saw how the best way to receive from Jesus is to simply rest, and it is true. However many people responded with the question of how exactly to rest in Jesus.

In answer to this question, today we will be examining how to rest in Jesus, which will then enable us to receive from Him in complete confidence.