How to Keep What God Gives

Last week we examined the wealth of God and we saw that not only is God extremely rich, but that He desires for us to have riches as well. We also learned that the wealth of the wicked ultimately finds its way into our pockets, and that it is God by His grace and favor that causes us to succeed and prosper in everything that we do as our lives are orchestrated and guided by Him.

Today we will be continuing this theme by seeing how we can keep the blessings which God has given to us (both financially and otherwise) and we will examine some of the most common roadblocks and pitfalls that the enemy uses to try and rob us of what God has given.

The Wealth of God

The wealth of God has always been a controversial topic. There are those who believe that all wealth is worldly and evil, and that all money corrupts. There are churches that teach that a person must be poor to be holy and that poverty is a position of divine humility. These ideas have kept many people in financial bondage for a long time, sometimes their entire lives.

We will be studying today about the wealth of God – speaking purely of physical riches – and as we see the truth regarding this aspect of God, the chains of bondage will be broken in the area of finances for all who have eyes to see.

The Key to Good Successs

It’s a safe conclusion that most everyone wants to be successful. And each person has their own ideas on how to achieve the success that they seek. Did you know that God is also interested in your success, and that He wants to actively cause you to succeed in every area of life?

When God prospers us, our success is assured and undeniable. So today we will be studying the key to unlocking this divine success from God in our lives.

The Purpose and Provision of the Holy Communion

This is a message that is very special to me, because I have personally seen it from both sides. The church is divided in the area of communion. Some think of it as a special rite that is only for the elite few who are worthy of it. Others believe that it is merely a ritual with no real significance. Still there are others who really have no idea what communion is or why they participate in it.

So today we will be studying communion; the purpose of it and the provision in it. As we see the truth of communion in the light of the finished work of Jesus Christ, I believe that chains will be broken and people will be set free from the confusion in this area.