Do you want real transformation? Real miracles? Real change? There is a very interesting section of scripture that explains how real transformation occurs, and I’m exited to share it with you today.

So many people are in need of help; spiritually, emotionally and physically. And all of it comes through one specific channel and one specific source. And it’s much much simple than you may realize. Let’s get started.

Transforming, Or Being Transformed?

As we begin, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that transformation does occur. The scriptures define it as a metamorphosis. A changing from one thing into another thing. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. So yes, there is something here – and this is where many people are currently existing, in a strange kind of wilderness wandering experience, trying to reach the goal of becoming a new creation… or more accurately, trying to make themselves the new creation through behavior modification.

You may have experienced this state yourself, or heard other discuss it. Where you are “working hard” trying to stop a certain behavior, thought or feeling because you honestly believe that it is this particular thing that is holding you back, or stopping you from being blessed. You may even have been taught this or believed it for many years, as I did.

When confronted with these ideas, it can be very frustrating and fear-inducing because it puts the burden squarely on our shoulders, causing us to think: if we don’t conquer this area, or succeed in this way, we will never move forward. Indeed I know this line of thinking very well, as I was held captive by it for many years.

Here’s the question that we must ask: Are we responsible for transforming ourselves? Or are we being transformed? Answering this question correctly will have a massive impact on the entire operation. If we believe that we are responsible for transforming ourselves, then we will constantly be focused on what we are doing, and how we are performing, and there will be no real spiritual rest or peace there.

If on the other hand, we believe that we are being transformed (namely by the Spirit of God), then we are not the active agents of the transformation – God is – and instead of constantly striving to change ourselves, we can rest confidently and assuredly that He never fails.

So let’s take a look at a scripture that makes it more clear. Here’s 2nd Corinthians 3:18:

But we all, with open face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the LORD.”

There are a few details here in this one verse that often get overlooked, but they are very powerful when seen. Let’s digest this

Beholding As in a Mirror

Notice that the verse says that we behold the glory of the Lord, but how are we beholding Him? It’s not through stringent attention to the Law, or through guilt-ridden confession of sin. It says that we behold the glory of the Lord with an open face, as in a mirror… now that’s a very interesting phrase!

First we have an open face. That means “unveiled”. Moses had to veil his face after receiving the Old Covenant Law. And the scripture record that even today, when the Old Covenant Law is read, a veil is placed over the hearts of people. (2nd Corinthians 3:15)

In contrast, we are to approach this mirror unveiled, openly, without the Law of Moses, religion, or legalism getting in the way. This is when we can behold the glory of the Lord. When we have religion, legalistic ideas, and the Law on our hearts and minds, the veil still remains, and we cannot see the glory of the Lord clearly

In Genesis chapter 29, Jacob didn’t unveil his wife and ended up not receiving the one he loved, and you cannot even kiss a veiled bride. There’s no intimacy. You work, and work and strive, and there are many working for Jesus, but they never unveil Him and miss intimacy and love. You must remove the veil in order to see clearly, and truly be in union.

Now take a look at the next part of our scripture here. I invite you to think about that word “mirror”, because it is key to understanding what this verse is saying. When you look into a mirror, you don’t see someone else (or you certainly shouldn’t!), but you see yourself. The mirror shows you who you are.

This requires some meditation. This verse says that you behold the glory of the Lord, as in a mirror. It is highlighting your new identity in Christ. This is who you are as a new creation in the reality of His finished work. This is the proper way that you should see yourself – not as a sinner trying to change into a saint. But as a fully redeemed and righteous person, with the very glory of the Lord on you!

It is essential that you actually recognize and accept the finished work of Christ. The very act of regeneration and redemption personally for you!

Transformed By Beholding

Once we accept the finished work of Christ and actually begin to live that identity, this is when it becomes effectual. Notice the next part of the scripture: As we behold the glory of the Lord on us as in a mirror, that is when we are transformed from glory to glory.

That word transformed, is the Greek word μεταμορφόω (metamorphoō). This is the metamorphosis, and this is how it happens. By beholding the glory of the Lord, on you. Again this is all wrapped-up in the finished work of Christ, and your unity with Him as a new creation!


Notice that there is no separation here. There’s no distance. You are not looking across a chasm.. you are looking into a mirror, with a completely unveiled face. And the reflection you see in this mirror is not a mangled, marred hideous thing. You don’t see a person disfigured with sin. No. You see the absolute glory of the Lord.

My friend, I encourage you to take an appropriate amount of time to truly appreciate these words. See the amazing truth of what Jesus has accomplished for you and in you!


…By The Spirit of the Lord

The final part of the verse (and the chapter) makes it clear who the active agent is that enables this transformation. It is the very Spirit of the Lord. Our only job here, is to behold the glory of the Lord on us, and the Spirit manifests it for all to see. We agree with the truth of Christ for us, and the Spirit brings it to the forefront.


So now we can see how simple it is to live the miraculously transformed life. The life we were always meant to live. The life given to us, bu Jesus Christ.

Be blessed.

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