Comparing Covenants: Law vs. Grace

Are you under law or under grace today? Ask this question to a group of believers, and you would get a mixed-bag of answers. There is an impressive amount of confusion regarding such a fundamental part of our Christian walk, and God does not want us to be in confusion.

Today we will be studying the covenants which so many are confused about, and through the truth of scripture, we will answer the question of what covenant God has placed us under today, and we will not be in confusion any longer.

True Freedom is Found in Jesus

Here in America, we value freedom. Freedom to choose this thing or that thing, freedom from oppression and from the shackles of slavery. In my discussions with people, I am occasionally asked how I can believe in such an oppressive book as the Bible; they say that the Bible is outdated, or closed-minded. I have responded by saying that quite to the contrary, the Bible has not oppressed or enslaved me, but it has liberated me and set me free. You see, freedom is just an illusion, if you are still a slave to sin, still a slave to negativity, depression or the lusts of the flesh – and there are a great number of people in churches today even who are still bound by these things.

So today, we will be studying how Jesus Christ can give us true freedom from sin and self, and how as a result of His redemptive work, we can be truly free.

Find Fulfillment When Jesus is in the Midst

There are so many things in life vying for our attention. Every new product every new item carries with it a promise of making our lives better, easier and more fulfilling. However the excitement of that new thing is always short-lived – usurped when the next new thing comes along… electronics that were new last month are already obsolete this month. Nothing of this world ever lasts.

However there is one – one person – who can give us true fulfillment, not just a temporary satisfaction, but a permanent fulfillment that totally completes us in every way. Today we will be studying how this is so, and how to receive this provision of Jesus Christ into our lives, so that we will not be searching or be entangled by the things of this world any longer.

The LORD Goes Ahead of You

Have you ever worried about a future event? An expression often used is feeling as though we are “in the path of an oncoming train.” As humans, we tend to project into the future – and we usually envision the worst outcome However as believers in Jesus Christ, we should have a different hope and a different mindset.

The Bible tells us that even though things may seem bleak and we will have pressures of life come upon us, we have access to divine information and a divine source of help which very few have been drawing from, or even been aware of. This is what we will be studying today.

What it Means to Truly Know God

The word “know” is an interesting word. We sometimes use it to refer to personal, even intimate relations, and other times we use it in more of a formal and distant familiarity – as in “I know of him.”

The Scriptures speak of knowing God, in-fact the entire Bible is designed to show us Jesus for the purpose of us knowing Him. Even so, there are a great many believers today who know more of God, than actually know Him. You may have even heard me say that before and wondered about it. So today we will be exploring what it means to actually know God, and how a real relationship with Jesus benefits us in our daily lives.

Christ-centered Relationships

There seems to be a lot of emphasis these days on relationships. Reality shows typically focus on relationships, new dating websites seem to spring up every month, and more songs are written and more movies are produced about relationships than any other subject.

It should be no surprise then that the Bible has quite a bit to say on this important topic, and while it is an extremely broad issue with many sub-areas, there is one over-arching principle which we will be studying today, and that is the importance of Jesus being the center of not only the relationship, but the center of each persons life. Whether you are single, dating, or married, the centrality of Jesus can not be over-stated, and this relationship with Him is what we will be taking a look at today.

Moving Mountains With the Faith of Jesus

It’s almost cliché these days when someone says “faith to move mountains”, it’s more of a catch-phrase than a truth. But Jesus was not joking or exaggerating when He said that these things were possible, nor was He speaking in purely spiritual terms.

Today we will be studying the kind of faith which Jesus spoke of when He walked on the earth; we will learn what it is, where it can be found and how to activate it in our lives as Jesus taught us to. At the conclusion of this study, you will have everything you need to accomplish what Jesus spoke of.

Crowned By Jesus

When you were a child, did you ever pretend to be royalty? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a great ruler? You might think “I come from a low family, that could never be me, I’m not worth much of anything.” Well, are you aware that the Bible says that Jesus Christ has made us a Royal Priesthood? Worthy of double-honor from holding both positions of honor and glory.

Today we will be studying this high position which we hold in Christ Jesus, and how we can live in this honor and glory every single day of our life, and we will see our true worth and value in Christ today.

The Simplicity of the Gospel

There have been quite a number of people who have wrote to me or spoken to me over the years about their problems. They tell me about their sicknesses, they tell me about their struggles, they tell me about their depression, and about their addictions and their needs of every kind. They do this because they are desperately seeking help, and in every single instance, I always lead them to the all-important truth: that Jesus is the answer.

Now some argue that this answer is too simplistic. However in truth, the Gospel is simple. It is life-changing truth, yet simple enough for a child to understand. The scriptures advise us to never leave the simplicity of the Gospel, and so today we will be studying the simple truth of the scripture, and how it is also applicable to save us in every area of or lives.

Do You Rejoice That You Are Risen With Christ?

The title of the study today is purposefully phrased as a question, to get you to think. Many times believers quote Bible facts as rote and dry text rather than wonderful realities to be celebrated and rejoiced over.

Today we are going to be examining the wonderful truth that we are risen with Christ. As we see the reality of our status in Christ, this truth will become more than words and phrases that we recite, but it will become a life-changing realization that will strengthen our relationship with Jesus.