Do You Rejoice That You Are Risen With Christ?

The title of the study today is purposefully phrased as a question, to get you to think. Many times believers quote Bible facts as rote and dry text rather than wonderful realities to be celebrated and rejoiced over.

Today we are going to be examining the wonderful truth that we are risen with Christ. As we see the reality of our status in Christ, this truth will become more than words and phrases that we recite, but it will become a life-changing realization that will strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

Serve With the Supply of Jesus

Service in the ministry is one of the most rewarding things that anyone could ever undertake. There is nothing like the experience of being led by God and given a plan and purpose by God and watching Him unfold it in your life. Every day is a blessing and every challenge ends-up being a new testimony of His love and power. However there are many serving in ministry, missions and church today, that are not experiencing what I have just described. Instead, they are finding stress, difficulty and frustration. Obviously this is not God’s intention.

The same thing can be said for non-ministers as well, regardless of vocation or title, nothing can be successfully accomplished apart from the supply of Jesus. Notice that I said “successfully accomplished.” So today we will be examining the supply of Jesus that He gives to us for our benefit, how to receive it and how to apply it in our lives.

Be Good Ground For a Good Harvest

My mother used to have a lot of plants, and I used to enjoy watching her take care of them. I particularly liked planting seed and watching the complete process over weeks and months as the seed slowly grew out from the soil into a thriving plant. I remember that once for Christmas, my mother gave me a gift of a large package of many different types of seeds to grow. I was very excited and enthusiastic about it… but I encountered some unexpected difficulty in getting certain types of seed to grow, and as I researched some tips on improving my success I discovered that the soil was not right for certain types of the seed. For some seeds it was too hot or dry, and for others it was too cold or wet. Some seeds required cover soil, and others did not.

The Bible also speaks of soil and seeds, and how there is a certain type of spiritual soil that produces a wonderful harvest. If you have not been experiencing a very good spiritual yield in your life, then this study today will set you free.

The Good Fight of Faith: Stay in the Book

One of our most popular and often requested resources, is our study on How to Have Faith in God. There have been testimonies of how this study has changed the minds and outlooks of people who now have a clear understanding of what faith is and how to grow in faith.

Today we will continue with part two of this study, examining what the Bible calls our “Good Fight of Faith”, what this fight is and how we can be victorious through Jesus Christ.

If you have not yet heard or read part one, I would suggest that you do so as the principles which we learned in that study will be mentioned and referred back to in our study today.

Jesus’ Glory in Samson’s Story

Ever since I was a young child, my mother would read me Bible stories from a large red illustrated Bible called “The Picture Bible.” One of my favorite stories depicted in it was the story of Samson. I thought it was awesome that Samson had supernatural strength because he never cut his hair, and I wished that I could have a similar covenant with God.

Now as I have mentioned many times before, ultimately the entire Bible is about Jesus, and this story has some amazing truths and an amazing lesson that will bless you greatly, and so we conclude our series on the glory of God with one of my favorite stories, and see an incredible picture of Jesus.

The Glory of Christ is Yours

Do you want glory and honor? Most people are constantly looking to increase their glory and honor through all kinds of things. Some think that more money gives them honor. Some believe that becoming famous will add to their own glory and honor. Still others think that achieving a certain social status or level will also increase their honor and glory. The truth however is that we have a source of honor and glory that we have never known; and it’s been right there in the Bible all along.

So our topic today is going to be this honor and glory, how to receive it, how to use it and also how to forfeit it. With this information, we can be assured of our divine glory given to us by Christ Jesus.

The Attitude of Worship

What is worship? A lot of people have an idea of worship being a group of like-minded believers getting together and singing songs on Sunday, but is that all worship is? Could there be more to it than that? The Bible has a very interesting definition of worship, which we have previously studied last year, however it also defines the proper attitude of worship. This is important because many people utter proper worshipful words but there is no real attitude or intent of worship. They view it more as a job to be completed, rather than a privilege and honor to worship the LORD and Savior.

Today we will be studying the Bible definition of worship, as well as how this attitude can become the reality in our lives, so that we can have a life filled with rich and honest worship, and not have it simply be a task that we perform on Sunday any longer.

Look to Jesus and Be Saved to the Uttermost

The Christian culture has developed many canned-responses as answers for problems in life. One of the most common ones is “look to Jesus” . Whenever there’s a problem, some well-intentioned believer will smile and say “Oh, you just need to look to Jesus!”

Technically, this advice is correct, but there is a huge gaping problem with it… What exactly does it mean to look to Jesus? While the advice may be right, it does little good if the person on the receiving end does not know how to put it into practice. So today, we will be studying what it actually means to look to Jesus, and the answer may surprise you.

Divine-Direction versus Self-Direction

Almost everyone now has a GPS device of some sort in their vehicles. If it isn’t built-in, then it is included with most cell phones or tablets. Or, it can even be bought as stand-alone unit. Most everyone would agree that having clear and concise directions to get where we are going is a big help and an invaluable tool when navigating unknown areas.

Likewise, we have an amazing resource available to us… a GPS for us to navigate every single turn in life and to guide us safely to our destination. Yet many believers do not know how to properly make use of this amazing benefit, or worse, they think they know how to discern the leading of God but are operating in error and being led astray without realizing it. So today we will be studying how to properly understand the leading of God so that we will never be led off-course again.

The Only Water That Satisfies

Imagine being stranded in a desert, the sun beating down on you relentlessly and your tongue so dry that it’s nearly glued to the roof of your mouth. You’re desperate for even the smallest drop of water, and just as you think all hope is lost, you glance into the distance and you spot a flowing stream. You rush to it in joyful anticipation, and as you lower your hands in to scoop out some cool fresh water, you find out that it was merely an illusion, and you almost drank a handful of hot sand instead.

Would it surprise you to learn that this scenario is playing-out every single day for people all across the world? Today we will be studying the encounter that a certain woman had at a well, when she encountered a man that she wasn’t expecting, and found a treasure she never even knew existed.