How to Fight and Win Your Spiritual Battles (part 5): Obtaining Spiritual Victory

Welcome back again to part five of our series on winning your spiritual battles. It has been quite a journey so far, and we’ve seen a lot of things that have strengthened us in Christ. We’ve learned how to stand firm in our spiritual identity by putting on the entire armor of God, and guarding against the spiritual lies of the enemy.

Now today will continue examining the one unique piece of equipment given to us: the sword of the spirit, and how to use it to obtain spiritual victory in Christ Jesus.

How to Fight and Win Your Battles (part 2): An Overview of God’s Armor

Welcome back to part 2 of our study on fighting and winning your spiritual battles. In part one, we saw how the cross is not the end of Jesus’ work, and how we should proceed to receive everything that He paid to give us, including the indwelling of His Holy Spirit, and being seated with Him in authority and power.

Today we look at what tools we have at our disposal, specifically the armor of God. People may remember being taught about the amor of God in Sunday school as a fun little lesson. But far from a childish topic that most people forget about, the armor of God is a crucial aspect of spiritual battle, and important enough for God to go into detail about in the scripture.

How to Fight and Win Your Spiritual Battles (part 1): The Cross is Not the End

Does the subtitle of today’s study surprise you? Do I have your full attention? Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of click-bait that is propagated all over the internet today. Instead, this is a spiritual reality and truth that we seem to have forgotten in modern Christianity, and it has the effect of weakening us in all areas of life.

What I’m going to share with you today, is a truth that you can keep and take with you through the rest of your life. This truth is what is sorely lacking in Christianity today, and it is what is holding many of us back from experiencing spiritual victory.