How to Fight and Win Your Spiritual Battles (part 5): Obtaining Spiritual Victory

Welcome back again to part five of our series on winning your spiritual battles. It has been quite a journey so far, and we’ve seen a lot of things that have strengthened us in Christ. We’ve learned how to stand firm in our spiritual identity by putting on the entire armor of God, and guarding against the spiritual lies of the enemy.

Now today will continue examining the one unique piece of equipment given to us: the sword of the spirit, and how to use it to obtain spiritual victory in Christ Jesus.

How to Fight and Win Your Spiritual Battles (part 4): The Sword of the Spirit

Welcome back to the fourth part of our study on obtaining spiritual victory. Over the last few weeks, we’ve explored the intricacies of the spiritual battleground as explained in the scriptures.

Last week we saw how God has given us His armor, for our protection and safety, and we also saw how much piece of that armor points to an aspect of Jesus and His complete sacrifice for us.

Today we will be taking a look at the weapon given to us in our spiritual struggle. A supernatural sword, to be used against a spiritual foe; and it might be different than you think.