There are many places in the Bible that speak of the safety and the security of the believer. Even so, many believers have not yet realized just how very safe that they are in Christ Jesus today.

So today we will be looking at the safety which Jesus has redeemed for us, and what it means for us today, and as we explore what the scriptures say, it will calm our hearts and minds as we see more of what Christ as done for us.
The verses that we will be looking at today are in John 10:27:30, so let’s not waste any time, and et right into the Word to see what it says:

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
And I give to them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.
I and my Father are one.”

There are many good truths for us to see just in these four verses which we just read. Firstly, the often quoted verse 27, telling us that We as sheep, do hear the voice of our Divine Shepherd, Jesus, He knows us, and we follow Him.

Often times I hear believers mention that they are confused knowing which way to go, and seek after many “signs” to try and determine the will of God in their lives. However seeking after signs is not the Bible-preferred way to know the will of God… instead we should be “listening” to His voice.

Now it is interesting to note here that the word “hear” in the original Greek language is a noun and not a verb. In this context it means that we should be in the proper place (or state) to hear the voice of God. I can not even begin to count the many times where people have discussed with me how they were so worried about this thing or that situation, and they were upset because God was seeming to remain silent and not guide them. Yet the reality of it was that God’s voice of guidance was there all along, but they were to worried and not at rest to hear it. They were not in the proper place, and that place is peace.

The next three verses paint an absolutely beautiful picture of the kind of absolute and complete safety which we have in Christ today. Just picturing the image which Jesus is describing in these verses can have a profound impact on the amount of peace which we experience.

We are wonderfully nested in-between the loving hands of both Jesus and the Father. If you can picture it this way: We are resting in the palm of Jesus’ hand, with the hand of the Father protecting and shading us from over the top.

Then we have in verse 30 the statement that Jesus and the Father are one. What this means for us is that we have a divine assurance that there will never be a miscommunication or dispute between one and the other. When we see Jesus, we see the Father also. When we hear Jesus’ voice, we hear the voice of the Father also. We can have double-confidence in anything and everything that Jesus says, because there is no middle-man here to get in the way. Jesus and the Father are one, and we can be sure that whatever He says is accurate, true and right.

My friends, there are no sufficient words to truly describe how safe we are in Christ Jesus today. When we stop to consider the very ands of God are guarding and keeping us, we begin to get a glimpse of how secure we are, but our human minds never truly do the image justice.

There is no problem today which God has not foreseen, nor is there any situation which catches Him by surprise, but even if you are currently going through a tough scenario, remember that you are still safe in the hands of God Almighty, His hands are mighty to protect and save you, but still gentle as they hold you.

The enemy wants you to focus on your problems, because in doing so, it fosters more fear, worry anxiety and stress. The true way out however is to focus more on Jesus and what He has done for you, because that will bless you and grow more peace inside you, and as your Godly peace increases, you will witness as your problems fall away. It really is that simple.

God works best when we rest in Him.

So my friends, I encourage you today to stay focused on the truth of Christ, and where you are today because of Him: safe in the hands of God Himself. Rest in that truth, and let Him handle everything that comes you way.

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