What it Means to Believe and Receive

Believe and Receive – those words are often heard when someone asks how to appropriate some kind of blessing or miracle in their life, or in the life of a loved one. Simply believe and receive, they say… but those words do little good if we do not know what those words actually mean.

In-fact in many Christian-circles (mostly charismatic) the words believe and receive have almost taken-on a mystical or magical quality to them. Someone says, “I need healing.” They are told, “Just believe and receive.”;

“I need financial provision”
“Just believe and receive”
“I need ____”
“oh, well, just believe and receive”

You see? It does little good, unless we define the terms. Believe what? And how exactly do we receive, anyway?

I have had countless people ask me what these terms actually mean, and I used to wonder about them myself as well – and when I used to ask what they meant, no-one could ever answer the question – they would just give me blank stares or tell me to ask someone else.

Thankfully, Jesus did no such thing. He in-fact did answer the question, and I would like to share that answer with you today in this study, so that the phrase “Believe and receive” would actually be meaningful to you, from now on.

Your Union With Christ

In many Christian circles there is talk about the relationship with Christ, we hear about that quite often in-fact, and I have mentioned it many times in these studies as well. However it has come to my attention that there is actually some misunderstanding regarding what this phrase means. In some ways we have turned this simple phrase into something mystical, magical or difficult to comprehend, when in-fact it is so simple.

As a result of this confusion, what actually is very simple and straightforward, now seems out of reach to many people. I have spoken with many Christians who are chasing after this unicorn of “relationship with Christ”, when it actually has already been given. And as such, believers are left dazed, confused and wondering when it will be completed, never realizing that the work was completed long ago.

This is what I want to share with you today – the truth about your union with Christ.