The scripture verse of Isaiah 40:31 is fairly well known. There have been songs written about it, and it is also one of the more common pieces of advice given when we become tired or worn out in whatever situation we may find.

We are promised that when we do this, that we will be richly rewarded with renewed strength and honor as we are made to rise up like the eagles in the sky. So what does it actually mean to wait upon the LORD? The answer may not be what you expect, and so that is what we will be examining today.

As you may have guessed, our scripture verse today is Isaiah 40:31, so let’s read it now:

But they that wait upon the LORD will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings as eagles; they will run, and not be weary; and they will walk, and not faint.”

On the surface it seems fairly straightforward, however in my experience in talking with many people and even in my own earlier spiritual walk, this verse is often misquoted as to mean “to wait patiently and not move”, but my friends, that is not what this verse is actually saying. Are there times when we should patiently wait for the LORD? Absolutely! But notice the key difference here:

The verse here is not instructing us to wait for the LORD, but instead it is telling us to wait upon Him!
To wait “on” Him.

Just like when you are in a fancy restaurant, and there are people nearby called “waiters” who intently watch you to make sure everything that you want is provided. To make sure that your glass is always filled and all of your orders are served.

Now obviously God does not actually need anything from us, so what is this verse trying to say? That we should be about our Father’s business. And His business is Jesus Christ.

Jesus demonstrated this truth quite plainly for us in John chapter 4, when Jesus met the woman at Jacob’s well… Jesus was tired and weary from His long journey, but as He went on doing the will of God the Father, and ministered to the woman, He was Himself re-invigorated – so much so that when His disciples returned they had asked if He as given food because He was completely revitalized; and the same is true for us also.

When you fin yourself tired and weary, that is all the more reason to fill yourself with Christ, and to be about the Father’s work. Continue to feed on Christ, and you will find your spirit energized once gain.

Waiters in a restaurant will focus entirely on you because of their reward, the gratuity at the end of the service. However we are promised much more than a meager tip – the very Spirit of Life that raised Christ from the dead shall quicken our mortal bodies and refresh our minds and spirits.

He truly is life unto those who find Him, and health unto all their flesh. Fill yourself with Him.

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