Did Jesus Really Finish the Work? (Being Secure in Christ)

One of the biggest areas that I struggled with in the past, was the idea that I was waging a constant battle to “improve myself”.

– Improve my performance – to commit less sinful actions

– To look more like Jesus, meaning basically the same thing, to commit less sinful actions

– To never be comfortable, but always in this constant war to try and become what God wanted me to be.

This feeling was spurned on by the Christians around me who said things like: If you’re comfortable in your Christianity, you’re doing it wrong. A phrase which always struck me as a bit of a dangling-carrot. Did Jesus die to subject us to further futility? Is the work complete or isn’t it? Did Jesus only perform a half-redemption?

I have since come to realize that I am not alone in these questions. And millions of Christians around the globe are on a mental and spiritual treadmill. Constantly running to try and reach an unreachable goal. Never being satisfied, and never feeling any comfort – because if they dared to, they would be a “lukewarm Christian” in their view.

Well, today we are going to examine this, as we have a discussion about being secure in Christ.

Your Healing is Unstoppable! (part 1)

Healing, specifically physical healing is one of those topics that is generally not very well understood. To some, it is little more than a nice thought, a fantasy or a dream. To others it is a false doctrine. And still others are unsure about what the truth regarding healing is.

You can imagine how all of this confusion would make it very frustrating for anyone who is sick, to seek any kind of help from God? Where should a person turn? What could a sick person even expect? How can they have any confidence at all? It’s enough to lead a person into a pit of despair.

So today, I want to share with you some information, based on the finished work of Jesus Christ, which will encourage you in the fact that not only is healing made available to you through Jesus, but as the title of the study declares, your healing is actually unstoppable.