Have you ever had someone tell you that you are worthless? Have you ever felt that your life had no worth, meaning or purpose? 

The idea that a life is worthless is one of the most destructive lies that the enemy has ever concocted. I was told, not once but many times by many different people that I was worthless, and I began to believe it. As the lie sunk in to my conscious mind, it acually began to manifest and make itself become true. Because as I thought I was worthless, I would not try to accomplish things anymore; after all, I was worthless so there was no point in trying to accomplish anything. And so the lie, while not actually true, became true through my believing it.

In truth, each of us, from the least to the greatest is worth more than anyone can ever imagine; we were all bought at a very high price, the suffering and death of Jesus. His sacrifice was so great that it makes all of our lives be of immeasurable worth. 

God has invested in each of us a very high value, and it is our “job” if I may use that term, to bring Him a good return in His investment in us while we are on this earth… This is one of the meanings of the Parable of the Ten Minas that Jesus tells in Luke 19:12-27. 

Each of us, has been given life, freedom, skills and a purpose, and we must use these things to accomplish His will for us. If then the enemy can get us to believe that we have no worth and live a defeated, down and depressed life, then he has successfully stopped us from focusing on our true worth and the plan that the Lord has for each of us. 

So today I would encourage you to remember the true price that was paid for you. You are not worthless, in-fact far from it!  If someone tells you that you are worthless, just recognize that it is not true, and also remember this: 

The value of something is generally determined by what goes into creating it and how much is paid for it. And as creations with the very breath of God breathed into us and Jesus’ sacrifice as our sin payment we are worth more than anyone could ever calculate. 

Stay connected to Him, and find your true worth and purpose.

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