If there’s one thing that people tend to be good at it is keeping records of some sort or another. All of us learn (either in school or through a lot of mistake) to keep bank records in order to keep track of our transactions.

Recently I have begun keeping records in what I call my “Heavenly Checkbook”. In it I keep a log of all the things that I have received from God; every promise, every blessing, every benefit is recorded with a date and type that can be sorted and easily referred back to.

Whenever doubt tries to creep in, I can look at my checkbook and say that on this date I cashed a “heavenly check” for this thing, and that God has made payment, and that doubt has nothing to stand on anymore.

I find that this is a wonderful faith aid, and is actually something that helps remind me of all the things that God ha done and of His continued faithfulness.

Also much like an actual checkbook, writing things in it that the Lord has promised is an excellent way to stand on that promise, much like having a check in you hands prior to it being cashed; with the added assurance that a Check from Heaven signed in the blood of Jesus will never bounce.

Yet to mention this, it must also be pointed out that although the checks we are given are blank, we can only receive that which we have faith enough to hold on to.

For example, I once heard the story of one man who approached another and handed him a blank check and said “Go buy yourself the best jacket you can find and write the expense on the check, I will pay it.”

Now the second man was excited at first but then started to wonder “What if this man doesn’t have that much money actually, I will look like a fool” He also began to wonder what the man would think of him  if he wrote an overly large amount on the check for something as simple as a jacket, it might make him appear greedy.

The man ended up getting a nice jacket, but certainly not the best, and not the one he wanted. It was later discovered that the man who gave out the check was one of the wealthiest men in the country. The second man could’ve written  any amount and it would’ve been paid easily.

We are like that with God. We don’t ask for His best for fear that He might not have enough in His bank account to be able to pay. We also tend to not ask for the best because we do not want to appear greedy, so we don’t request all that we really want; but my friends, that is called “false humility” and it is condemned in scripture.

We need to actually ask God for everything we want that He has promised us, and then write it in our checkbooks of faith as a completed transaction. We need to trust Him plainly and simply as one who will never fail to deliver the things which He has already paid for by Jesus Christ to give to our account. To ask any less is to dishonor all that Jesus died to give us.

Thank Him and praise Him for all that he died to give us, and then take it and use it for His glory!

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