Effortless Ministry Through Jesus

Some time ago, I read a book detailing the difficulties in ministry. It highlighted the many challenges people are faced with in sharing their faith, as well as the pitfalls that ordained ministers face in dealing with members of their congregation. These challenges of-course are nothing new… people have always had difficulty sharing their faith with others – whether it is fear of being ridiculed, or just general shyness, or even concern about not being educated well enough to present a good discussion.

These are the concerns that people share with me repeatedly. They genuinely want to be good witnesses for Christ, but they are hindered by their perceived shortcomings – and notice that I said perceived shortcomings. Because the truth, my dear friend, is that the Bible depicts a much better scenario. Like much everything else in the Gospel, man has complicated what God has made simple. We try to inject our own reasoning and self-effort into something which Jesus effortlessly supplies to us. Today in this study, we will be examining how to have an effortlessly ministry supplied by Jesus.

Jesus is Your Total Sufficiency

I’m going to begin today by making a very controversial statement: Jesus is all that you need. Among believers, this statement is surprisingly controversial. Some people will say: “well, we need oxygen and food and water – so Jesus is really not all that we need.” This seems logical and even reasonable at first, when viewed through the lens of the world, but is this really what the Bible teaches?

In this study today, we will be examining the sufficiency of God, and specifically His sufficiency for us, in all things. Because if we do not understand that God is our total sufficiency, then we must begin looking to other things to fill-in the gaps. So as we see these truths today, we will broaden our view of the nature and character of God, and will be able to receive more from Him.

Live a Life Enriched Through Christ

Jesus is Lord. What does this phrase mean to you? There are those today who see it purely as a title, or a mantra to be repeated. Yes Jesus is Lord, the God of creation and Savior of the world; never forget that fact… but He is also personal, intimate and able to enrich and provide for every area of your life. Some people recoil from this fact, afraid that it will somehow take away from His Lordship.

This misunderstanding of the nature and character of God has held many people in bondage due to them not receiving from Jesus many of the gifts which He desires to give them; and so we will be studying exactly how Jesus fulfills our lives, and we will be letting the Scriptures teach us these things so that there will not be any confusion any longer.